All Set

Just a quickie. The bike has been loaded up and checked and is now broken down and packed out with as much spare bubblewrap and other assorted left over parcel material I could find and stuffed into a huge cardboard box from my LBS (Cyclopaedia).

Here’s how the set-up looks:

Ian Homer's bike set-up for the big challenge.

Aeron set-up for the big challenge.

The Carradice bag on the back is a bit retro I know: I’ve had it a while and have used it to carry a load of DSLR kit ok with a Lowepro insert so it’s up to carrying a tent, bag and mat.

The framebag is supposed to go into the other end by the seatpost but since this fouls up that bottle cage placing I’ve re-purposed it to the front end.

Overall the balance of the bike seems fine. Whilst not ideal I have ended up with a small backpack but it’s not very heavy. Anyway onwards and skywards, next stop Scotland!

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