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Last week was a good one for video at ‘Homer Towers’: I started a new self-shot documentary project (more on that as it takes shape) and later, on the Friday, landed a commission to shoot and edit a 2-3 minute impression piece on the opening afternoon and evening of a bike show for the magazine . As it is an on-line publication, time was of the essence, so the video had to be live by the next morning…

Bespoked Bristol is an event I attended for the first time last year and now definitely a firm favourite of mine amongst bike exhibitions. Unlike some of the large ones this is for international small makers, the artisans who still pour something of themselves into what they produce. That’s not to say it’s all old-fashioned; far from it, there were some brand new high-tech innovations unveiled too amongst the hand brazed-steel and leather saddles.

It’s really great to be able to chat to the guys who design and make the items for a change rather than some random sales and marketing person. As for the bikes, well, they’re a bit pricey for many of us I guess. If you’re serious though it’s a good investment – the frame will be made to measure rather than off the peg (think tailored suit) and what you’ll get will likely be a ‘bike for life’ bar the odd change of wheels and other ‘consumable’ componentry.

The show is over now but if you’re a cycling nut then I’d definitely recommend booking tickets for next year’s.

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  1. IH says:

    I notice the BBC business section has a really nice balanced write-up on the show and the hand-made cycle industry here today: How to build a bike: the revival of a British craft By Catherine Wynne.

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