Well let’s all hope so, although I have a feeling it may be wet and cold a bit yet before it properly gets there.

It was great to get out into some sunshine with no biting wind. Here’s a short video shot using a GoPro HD, mounted on a chest harness, in the woods around Cardiff (Fforest Fawr, Wennault and the ridgeway, dropping into Cefn Onn) For once it wasn’t a mud-fest….

Great fun these point of view (POV) cameras aren’t they? The trick is to think of ways to create cut-aways (short segments of video with a different content to the main footage) whilst doing whatever it is you are doing at the time.

This is so when it comes to making an edit, it gives you options to break the footage up and change the angle and ‘pace’ a little. That way it doesn’t become boring. Think of them as visual punctuation. You can never have too many cut-aways.
I could have done with more to hand when making this short piece in all honesty. If it had been more of a video shoot and less of a ride out then I’m sure I would have done.

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