Gaza Protest – then and now

Hyde Park, London, 10th January 2009. Placards and masks. Protest against the Israeli bombing of Gaza.

Hyde Park, London, 10th January 2009. Protest against the Israeli bombing of Gaza. Those gathered at the rally held the more common placards and also these large painted masks several feet tall above them.

This image was made on 10th January 2009, but it could have so easily been today. Hyde Park was literally freezing cold that day and as the rally finished, press photographers were allowed up on stage; this was the rather eerie yet symbolic view on a 80-200mm lens looking towards the back of the assembled crowd.

Not a lot seems to have changed in the last 3 years. We’re seemingly back to square one as far as a large scale ramping up of hostilities is concerned.

For me this image raises the question about how much we on the sidelines and both sides identify with one another and the pain and suffering of those hurt, killed and bereaved. The detachment and demonising is what allows these kinds of conflicts to propagate and continue.  What do you think?


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